2. Code OverviewΒΆ

The UPP can be used to post-process WRF-ARW, WRF-NMM, NMMB, GFS, CFS, and FV3 forecasts with current support within UFS applications available for FV3 only. It can ingest FV3 write component files in netCDF and binarynemsiompiio format.

UPP Functionalities:

  • Interpolates the forecasts from the models native vertical coordinate to NWS standard output levels (e.g., pressure, height) and computes mean sea level pressure. If the requested parameter is on a models native level, then no vertical interpolation is performed.

  • Computes diagnostic output quantities (e.g., convective available potential energy, helicity, relative humidity). A full list of fields that can be generated by the UPP is provided in GRIB2 Fields Produced by UPP.

  • Outputs the results in NWS and WMO standard GRIB2 format (see Grib documentation).