8. Acknowledgments

The adaptation of the original WRF Post Processor package and Users Guide (by Mike Baldwin of NSSL/CIMMS and Hui-Ya Chuang of NCEP/EMC) was done by Lígia Bernardet (NOAA/ESRL/DTC) in collaboration with Dusan Jovic (NCEP/EMC), Robert Rozumalski (COMET), Wesley Ebisuzaki (NWS/HQTR), and Louisa Nance (NCAR/RAL/DTC). Upgrades to WRF Post Processor versions 2.2 and higher were performed by Hui-Ya Chuang, Dusan Jovic and Mathew Pyle (NCEP/EMC). Transitioning of the documentation from the WRF Post Processor to the Unified Post Processor was performed by Nicole McKee (NCEP/EMC), Hui-ya Chuang (NCEP/EMC), and Jamie Wolff (NCAR/RAL/DTC). Implementation of the Community Unified Post Processor was performed by Tricia Slovacek, Kate Fossell, and Tracy Hertneky (NCAR/RAL/DTC).


If significant help was provided via the UPP helpdesk for work resulting in a publication, please acknowledge the Developmental Testbed Center UPP Team.

For referencing this document please use:

UPP Users Guide V9.0.0, 24 pp.